What Should You Look For In Gaming TVs?

What should you be looking for in gaming TVs? Televisions are cheaper than ever, and they’re also bigger than ever. That can make your video gaming adventures an immersive experience like never before, but only if you get the best 4k tv for gaming

For starters, determine the physical size you can accommodate. You likely want to get the biggest possible screen you can, and depending on your budget, you might be able to get something that is just astounding in its height and width. However, you have to fit this into the actual space you have to put a TV into. Can your current room support something so big? Do you have a stand capable of safely standing something so massive? Will your wall support mounting a screen of that size?

Something you have to contrast with size and budget is the resolution or DPI. Do you need something 4k or better? Not all video games support 4k, and some of the ones that do use upscaling that aren’t true 4k definition. It’s undoubtedly the future of the industry, but do you need to futureproof your entertainment system? If you’re also looking to use this for HD video playback, then it’s better to lean in that direction.

Also, make sure that your next gaming TV has the right connections to support all your technology. We done just plug one cable in for everything. You might need a cable connection, a connection for your gaming console, possibly a separate video player, a streaming content device, sound connections, and maybe even the Internet.

Pay attention to the speakers too. Many gaming TVs are significant in terms of video performance but severely lag in the audio output. If you’re not going to use a dedicated speaker system, be sure your TV does well enough in this category.